The operator of is claiming that it is the official site of BootersNetwork. Also, they are claiming that this is the backup site. As they have gone out of their way to slander, misrepresent, duplicate and steal, I am going to point out the claims made and address them. I am addressing these issues according to the state of as of this writing. As the contents of the site may change, this post might become misleading. However, to preserve the current state I have created an Internet Archive snapshot which you can view here.

General Claims

A Facebook page, group and discord server are linked to from The Facebook page and group are actually official BootersNetwork ones. The discord, however, is not. The claim being made is that the previous discord was stolen. As you can see from the image below, our discord is still here!

If our discord was stolen, it would have been reported in one or more of our social media presences. Is Our Backup Site

This claim suggests that we have purchased with the intent to make it a backup site. If we had done so, we would have made an announcement about it. As I’m going to point out, is much older than According to a WHOIS lookup for (source) and a WHOIS lookup for (source) you can see that is older by a margin of about 2 years. They weren’t even purchased from the same registrar. To suggest we also bought is false. If we did, we would have also made an announcement. As for, here is a quote from one of our announcements that is the only domain we have at this point in time:

As a reminder to everyone, Arana Jones is the founder of BootersNetwork. Vector and I are also owners as well. BootersNetwork is a hosting company and community, not a gaming community! We only have one website: Any other website claiming to be us is not us!

Cool-Knight (announcement on discord)


While the operator of this site has stated that we (Vector and Cool-Knight) caused Arana to turn his back on them, this is simply not the case. There were various problems with this individual that kept us from focusing on the goals of BootersNetwork. I wish I could have done more for this individual in demonstrating the truth, but the reality that has set in is much darker.

I hope that this post clears up some of the misinformation being presented. This is an unfortunate time for us and I really did not want to make this post. However, because it almost seems like I am being forced, I felt it was necessary.